Monday, September 6, 2010

A Gift on Teachers' Day!

Nothing can be more valuable than the appreciation and recognition by higher ups. Today I got an invaluable gift on Teachers' Day. Although Teachers' Day is celebrated on 5th September every year but yesterday being Sunday it was celebrated today.
I got an email from our most esteemed Joint Director Sir Mr. T.C.S. Naidu:
"I appreciate your concern and enthusiasm for learning English and as well as helping children. Please give the detail in nut shell and things to be done from my side, so that the action may be taken."

TCS Naidu

I needed Sir's help for encouraging new JNVs to join CCO. Sir assured to help me when I was attending a workshop in Delhi. And true to his words he came forward to offer help. When I joined Samiti Sir was the first officer to address us in Induction Course. I was motivated by his speech. After 9 years I got the chance to meet him again. It was a pleasant surprise to meet him again. He is so gentle and kind and never shows his superiority ever. Humility is the virtue of great persons. I am quite hopeful that with his blessings we can do great things and inspire others to join us. Globalisation of Education will be our cherished goal. Really sometimes a few words of praise can work wonder. Thanks Sir for your such nice gift, it means a lot for us.

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