Friday, July 23, 2010

When British Council brought a Great change in our Lives!

When we joined eLanguages in OCT. 2009 we didn't know what great changes it would bring in our lives.We came to know about the efforts of British Council in bringing closer pupils and teachers of different countries and help them collaborate together in many International Projects. The efficient and cooperative team of British Council is ever present to help us and collaborate actively. What we liked the most is the constant praise and motivation we ever got. We didn't know much about the U.K.I.E.R.I. Project although we were a part of it but now we are enjoying collaboration with the wonderful friends we got through eLanguages. We live in a remote corner of Haryana's village but now we feel as if we are in mainstream. Can anyone imagine what it feels like living away from families? We were often depressed as we could not have contact with outer world or even the village people living near us. All Navodayas in India are like a large family and their residential cultures and rules are same. They have no particular regionality and to put in exact words they are truly International communities. When the students enter these schools they are like soft clay that can be moulded in any shape. We can instil good moral values and any virtue in them. They welcome all people and they need only one thing and that is affection of others. That understanding and affection we got from our partners schools across the globe. Though officially we have no partners we are friends to many.
Now students have become confident enough and take part in all activities with enthusiasm. They know someone living far away cares for them.
We are thankful to the wonderful Team of British Council to bring about this change in our hitherto uneventful life. Chris Swift of British Council ever helped us and encouraged us to join International Projects. He was the first Officer who introduced us to this new world of fantasies and friendship. All students are ever eager to know his comments and feedback.Even some pupils call him "Christ" in human form.
Rosa Ryou of British Council Edinburg introduced us to Connecting Classrooms Online Projects. Her Project "From my window" had been quite favourite with the students. She ever gave her suggestions. Though these people are living far away from us still we feel they are close to us. They are instrumental in bringing great changes in lives of many across the globe. They are dedicated to their noble goal of bringing people together. They have risen above their formal duties and have become true messengers of goodwill, affection and Peace. Their inspiring words are our strength that made us join above 100 Projects. Our School has been chosen as an Ambassador School of CCO of British Council in India and the whole credit goes to the dedicated Team of British Council.British Council India's Ms. Rittika Parruck, Ms. Purti Kohli and Ms. Anju Mehta ever keep in touch and guide us. We are working in 116 Projects till date and found it quite exciting experience.
JNV Bhiwani

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