Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Project being featured on eLanguages!

We got the message of our most esteemed British Council U.K. Officer Chris Swift a few days back-"Excellent project. We really like it!Thanks to everyone who has uploaded examples from their school. I would like to know if anyone has tried something creative in their classrooms which they have learnt from this project? Namita - I'd like to feature this as a highlighted project on the homepage for others to join. Please let me know if you are OK with this.
Chris Swift
School Linking Officer, British Council UK"

At first it was unbelievable that our Project "Be Creative" could be featured but soon the day came when it was featured on the Home Page of eLanguages. We could hardly believe. We felt so grateful to British Council U.K. for ever being benevolent to us. First we were chosen as an Ambassador School then shortly afterwards our Project was featured on Home Page! All the participant Schools are elated to see their works being highlighted. Special thanks to dear Chris Swift for rearranging the uploaded works on the Project Page.

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