Friday, June 18, 2010

Carbon Footprints Project with Woodhey School U.K.

We held Energy Survey last month and its results are being sent to Woodhey School Bury U.K. Mr. Mark Barlow had been so nice to allow our School to participate in his Project "Carbon Footprints", and "My House".We are enjoying doing them. On 24th June 2010 will be the Low Carbon Day and all the participants of Projects from different countries will exchange information regarding CO2 emissions. We exchanged information and students of Woodhey High School sent us questions about the ways we adopt to save energy in our School. They suggested some effective ways to save energy.Our students calculated their carbon footprints and came to the conclusion that compared to others we are consuming less power. We have already adopted energy saving ways.Now the students have become more conscious about their carbon footprints and are learning ways of going green.Another participant of the Project Mm. Joyce of Mexico informed us about the exhibition that is going to be held in her School. We are waiting eagerly for the displays. As soon as the School opens in July first week students will be eager to see the pictures uploaded to the sites and posters designed by their peers across the globe.

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