Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Green School

From July JNV Bhiwani has planned to adopt all ecofriendly practices. This month students will do tree plantation.Students will draw pictures and posters.Our carbon footprints will be calculated and analysis will be done.We have resolved to become a Green School.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mills Pond Elementary School U.S.A.

The Project "International Book club" of Ms.Louise Prescott from U.S.A. provided our students ample opportunities to showcase their creative talents. They recommended books read by them, made beautiful illustrations, bookmarks, retold stories read by them.

The Gartree Community School, Butts Lane, Tattershall, Lincolnshire, U.K.

We were lucky enough to work with Gartree School U.K. on theme of "Fairtrade". We gathered informations about local farmers and farming. Research was also done to find about Fairtrade, policies and lives of poor farmers of India. JNV Bhiwani's students highlighted the problems faced by farmers.
"Hi Namita, I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful things you have put on the page. I have been quite busy recently after Christmas so have only just had chance to look. Thank you so much! It would be great if some of my pupils could maybe put some questions on here about Fairtrade. Would that be possible?-Catherine"

Wells Primary School London U.K.

Thanks Mr. Paul Dean for giving us opportunity to know about lives of students of Wells Primary.He welcomed us in his all Projects although they had partnership with HIM Academy India.We saw beautiful posters designed by Wells Primary School and they too appreciated our art works.
"I thought your little presentation was absolutley amazing- Prafful, Suchika,Atul and Brijmohan are clearly very talented pupils! It will be very interesting comparing our two different schools. We both have clearly opposite cultures but many rules are the same- for example you guys work from literally dusk till dawn! Whereas in England we don't necessarily have to work that long
Yours sincerely Gemma"

"Wow! Your group dance by girls.3gp is amazing! I absolutely love it!
by marianne"

Jabalia Prep "E" Boys School Palestinian Territories

Mahmoud Zaki Alaila teacher of Jabalia Prep "E" Boys exchanged digital photos of his School with us. The pictures displayed various activities carried out in their School. We, too uploaded photos of our School.

Pen Pals from Giersings Realskole ,Denmark

We feel proud to be able to have our lovely penpals from Denmark.We exchanged informations on various topics. Next session we have planned to hold video conference with them.Thanks Mm. Charlotte Pedersen for introducing us to her lovely pupils.

Collaboration with St. Catharine, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, England

We exchanged informations about our School's routine, culture,extra-curricular activities with St. Catharine Primary School U.K.The teacher of class-3rd Grade Ms. Christine Hale started the Project on eLanguages "My School, your School".Our students prepared documents and collected pictures to share with their peers.Art work of JNV Bhiwani's students was displayed on Project page.

Bal Bharti Public School Dwarka Delhi

Sandhya Kakkar of Bal Bharti Public School has always motivated us to do innovative works for our International Projects. Whenever needed she gave her valuable and much needed suggestions. Many teachers of her School joined our Projects and the Projects we worked in. We have joined her Project "Junk into Funk" and "eNewsletters Exchange"and learnt a lot.Thanks Sandhya for your all cooperation.

Makassed Khalil Shehab - Beirut Lebanon

Rawya Shatila of Makassed Khalil Shehab Lebanon has always been a source of inspiration for us. We collaborated in a few Projects together and came to know each other better. Rawya is amiable, talented, motivating teacher. She has the privilege of being featured in Spotlight on ePals Community and become a proud winner of ePals Ambassador Award 2010. Her blog is innovative and new teachers can learn a lot from her. Despite of being famous Rawya is so humble.

Her Blog:http://youngclovers.blogspot.com/

Principal's Blog:http://ghinabadawi.blogspot.com/

School's Blog: http://clover-khalil.blogspot.com/
Rawya has cooperated with our School and in the coming session too we are hoping to work together in Projects.Makassed Khalil Shehab is proud of her and we too for having familiarity with them.Many International Awards have been conferred on them. We pray to God for showering His Blessings on them this year too.All the best our dear friends.

Friday, June 18, 2010

We like working with you

Judy Skelton a language teacher working in the Peak District, Derbyshire U.K. is always motivating for us. Her Project was the first one we joined on eLanguages and since then we are working together in many Projects. The Projects are quite interesting for our junior classes' students. They love drawing animals' pictures and introducing themselves to their peers. We have started a new Project "Introduction in two Languages' and we hope it will be quite challenging and interesting.Thanks Judy for her patience with us.

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School United Kingdom has an Art Project on eTwinning and we have joined in as one of the participants. The students from more than 14 countries are participating in this Project. Although only European Schools can join eTwinning but Ms Gemma Cleall of Corpus Christi School was generous enough to include our School also. Our students sent their Art work based on theme "Outside my Window".

Students' works included in ePals Media Gallery

Although we are a novice in field of International Collaboration but the overwhelming response we got propelled us. ePals Community is generous enough to upload some of our works to their Gallery. Special thanks to Ms Marianne whose encouraging words and constant cooperation keep us going.She has assured us that in near future our work will be highlighted. Whether we get featured or not but more important is the selfless affection of people across the globe.We love to work for ePals and eLanguages that helped us to get International recognition and wonderful friends who care for us.

Ojeong Elementary School Korea

Ms. Yoo Jeong Kim from Korean School and we are sharing recipes and informations about our food habits through their Forum "Come Closer". Now we have got registration for Connecting Classroom and we have planned to join "Eating is Believing" and "Dos and Don'ts" Projects.


Instituto Comprensivo "Papa Giovanni XXIII" di Gibellina

The School from Gibellina Italy came into contact with us through ePals and Mm. Elena Alcamesi was kind enough to register us in their School Forum "The Way We Are".We exchanged emails and sent other informations. In that Forum a Canadian and Croatian Schools are also our epals.We share our views and exchange informations about our cultures, food habits, our favourite things,traditions, likes dislikes etc.


Collaboration with Victor Hugo School France

Thanks to Ms Regine Cauboue and her wonderful class for their constant cooperation with us. We are collaborating together in two Projects on eLanguages "The Games We Play" and "Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi". The students of Victor Hugo School made logos and posters for Commonwealth Games for us. The posters were really amazing. They put in a lot of efforts for us.We are really grateful to them. In other Project we are sharing our traditional games.They sent their photographs to us.

Itas Boscardin School from Italy

We have regular email exchanges with Itas Boscardin School from Italy. Mm. Cristina Barcaro contacted us through ePals a few months back and since then we have been in touch. The students have been so nice and even did crafts works for our Project "Be Creative". We are thankful to them for their cooperation.

Thanks Mm Melita for your wonderful contributions

We feel highly obliged to Mm. Melita for her wonderful contributions in all our Projects.Her School is a Secondary School in Croatia. She has been ever a source of inspiration to us. Her encouragement and sweet words keep us going.They are participating in many European Projects besides eLanguages's Projects but still devote their precious time to our humble Projects.

Collaboration with Russian School

In our Project "Be Creative" a Russian School Gymnasium 140, Omsk contributed their wonderful crafts and art works.We were amazed to see their creativity. Thanks to Mm Galina for sharing with us the works of her pupils.

Our student's Art work displayed on site of Northwood Primary School U.K.

Prafful of class 7th made logos for World Cup Project on eLanguages. Mr. Paul Greenwood of Northwood Primary School kindly consented to display his work on his School's site. Thanks Mr Paul.

Our School boys' photo on BBC World Class World Cup Gallery

Our boys got the rare opportunity to have their photo uploaded to BBC World Class site. The photo can be seen following this link:


Mr Daniel Waind from Woodhey High School Bury U.K. sent his message:
"Thanks for your information , next week our students will send you their questions about your lifestyles, ways to save energy."
Ms Joyce Garcia from Nautilus School Mexico thanked for our support and told us about the exhibition that is going to be held in their School on 24th June. She promised to send photographs through email.

Carbon Footprints Project with Woodhey School U.K.

We held Energy Survey last month and its results are being sent to Woodhey School Bury U.K. Mr. Mark Barlow had been so nice to allow our School to participate in his Project "Carbon Footprints", and "My House".We are enjoying doing them. On 24th June 2010 will be the Low Carbon Day and all the participants of Projects from different countries will exchange information regarding CO2 emissions. We exchanged information and students of Woodhey High School sent us questions about the ways we adopt to save energy in our School. They suggested some effective ways to save energy.Our students calculated their carbon footprints and came to the conclusion that compared to others we are consuming less power. We have already adopted energy saving ways.Now the students have become more conscious about their carbon footprints and are learning ways of going green.Another participant of the Project Mm. Joyce of Mexico informed us about the exhibition that is going to be held in her School. We are waiting eagerly for the displays. As soon as the School opens in July first week students will be eager to see the pictures uploaded to the sites and posters designed by their peers across the globe.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Learning Partners

With start of School new session we hope to proceed in our efforts to give an International dimension to our classroom teaching. Today we feel the need of exposing students to outside world more than we used to do in past years.The students become broad-minded and adjustable in every kind of situation.
Our efforts started late in October 2009 but still we managed to join many International Projects of various countries. Our students felt confident and irrespective of their poor communication skills in English they contributed in form of Artworks, creative writings etc. This year we have planned to hold a video conference in our School so that students may get opportunities to interact with their epals of Italy, France,U.K., Pakistan.